Welcome to Hike In Harmony

Hike In Harmony is a program of the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association (aldha.org)

25 years ago, ALDHA introduced the Endangered Services Campaign out of a growing awareness that hiker behavior in towns and hostels was beginning to become a problem. Hostels were closing, shuttle drivers getting stiffed, and towns were witnessing bad behavior. With the growing number of hikers choosing to thru hike, along with it have come increasing numbers of problems and concerns from hostel owners and service providers up and down the AT. And now 25 years later, those concerns are once again growing. One thing that’s different now than it was 25 years ago is the legalization of marijuana in many, but not all states the AT passes through.

It is important to realize that each one of us that hikes the AT becomes an ambassador for future hikers. Your behavior affects the perception of townspeople, hostels and service providers up and down the AT.

It is time to reintroduce our Hike in Harmony program, which evolved out of the Endangered Services campaign. In order for members to truly say “I Hiked ALDHA Way’, we would hope our members would keep the following guidelines in mind:

*If it says no smoking, it means no smoking
*If it says no alcohol, it means no alcohol
*If it says no drugs, it means no drugs, including marijuana
*If it says no pets, it means no pets
*Obey the Leave No Trace ethic both on trail and in town
*Respect the rights of others in hostels
*Make townspeople want to welcome future hikers

Hike your own Hike, but don’t make other people hike yours.
Be a good ambassador.

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