Respect Shuttle Drivers

Shuttle drivers may be independent owner operators employed by hostels or lodging facilities or hostel owners themselves.  An owner operator may set a fee for your ride, while others get paid by the establishment they work for.

For many, the work is highly seasonal and tipping is encouraged, particularly for those who’ve gone out of their way for you.  And while not mandatory for owner operators a tip is always greatly appreciated.

Many have very busy seasons, so it’s important to be on time for your pick up.  If you’re running late or your plans change, please let the shuttle driver know, so that he or she can adjust their schedule. If your plans change and you no longer need a ride, LET THEM KNOW! There is nothing worse for a shuttle driver to get to a pickup point, just to find his fare accepted a free ride instead and left the driver hanging; some shuttle driver’s may now request a deposit.

If possible, let the shuttle driver know ahead of time if you need to go into town for resupply. Most drivers will accommodate you if at all possible.

Remember, for most, this is their livelihood. Don’t forget to pay them!

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