Respect Hostels and Lodging

For many hostel owners, running a hostel is a labor of love. While some hostels run a year round business, for others, it is highly seasonal.  Some hostel rates are expensive, and may include amenities like showers, laundry, WIFI, meals, shuttles to town for resupply, shuttles to and from the trail head, etc.

While tipping a hostel owner isn’t mandatory, it is the right thing to do if an owner or staff member went above and beyond to provide a service they normally don’t.  Some hostels may be “donation based”. This doesn’t mean “free” or optional. Although it’s not mandatory, please be generous whenever possible.

Hostel owners always are greatly appreciative to those who pitch in with cleaning the dishes, sweeping out common areas, and helping clean up.

Many hostels are private homes in residential neighborhoods. Please respect the rules of the hostel, especially regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, including cannabis. If you smoke, ask the owner if there is a permissible area to do so, and always respect the neighbors. Long after you’re gone, the hostel owner stays. Don’t give the neighbors a reason to shut the hostel down.

The same principles apply to hotels, motels and other lodging facilities. And remember to leave a tip for housekeeping. They are generally paid minimum wage or less and rely on tips for the bulk of their income.

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